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eCallPlus assists you in spurring your eCall business and lowering your costs.

We will advise you on how to meet the legal requirements and how to turn the legal duty into promising business opportunities.

eCallPlus provides you with profound and independent consultation, innovative ideas, demonstrators, proof-of-concepts, business development, product and project management.

About us

Founded in Munich by a team of highly experienced telecommunication engineers and business consultants, eCallPlus leverages more then 40 years of experience in mobile telecommunications and automotive services.

The team of experts covers all eCall related technology, business and implementation aspects.

Network and Participation

eCallPlus is well aligned with all major eCall related activities. Among others, we are participants and / or contributors to the following initiatives:

  • eCall Implementation Platform (ERTICO and European Commission)
  • ITS Network Germany
  • ITS Munich Germany
  • ETSI and 3GPP Standardization
  • ISO
  • IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)


Participation in various standardization groups and eCall implementation forums provides us with profound knowledge and insights on the specific situation and concerns of each market participant.

We are aware of the pan-European eCall being discussed very controversially. Seen as the saviour to reduce fatalities on European roads, it is at the same time felt as a burden and a liability for affected industries such as car manufacturers, suppliers, insurance companies, telecoms and public safety agencies.

Working on eCall for many years and our participation in various eCall standardization groups, implementation forums and mobile communication related research activities provides us with profound knowledge and insights on the specific situation and concerns of each market participant.

Competences and Services


  1. Consultation with regards to:
    • Standards, regulation and public policy
    • Platforms and technical integration
    • Communication and network aspects
      (including M2M and MVNO domains)
    • SIM card issues
    • Future proof architectures and new concepts
    • M2M and Value-Added Services integration
    • Life cycle management and end-of-life aspects
    • Support for testing and assurance – according
      to Safety Integrity Level 
  2. Innovative ideas – innovation in ITS for your company
  3. Demonstrators & Proof of Concepts 
  4. Business development incl. business planning, business modelling, business cases - meeting competitive advantages and USPs
  5. Project management
  6. Bid management for eCall activities
  7. Participation in standardization and regulation on behalf of the client


eCallPlus GbR
Reichenbachstr. 37
80469 Munich

Phone: +49 89 20 35 65 84

Christian Birle

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Ben Borsetzky

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Ulrich Dietz

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